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Fluid Movement is once again OPENING one of the most quintessentially Baltimore festivals: HONfest! We will be reprising our Can Can Flamingo routine at 11 AM on Saturday, June 8th. So come down to Hampden, watch the show, and hang out with the flamingos afterward as we strut up and down the avenue.

Visit honfest.net for details about the festival.

Alfred Hitchcock Presents: The Water Ballet


Tickets now on sale for Druid Hill Park Pool or Patterson Park Pool.
Individual and business sponsorship opportunities are here.

Sharkespeare - Summer 2017


This summer, Shakespeare meets synchronized swimming in Fluid Movement’s annual water ballet “SHARKESPEARE.” July 29-30 at Druid Hill Park pool and August 4-6, at Patterson Park pool.

Sharkespeare and his trusty assistant Shakesbear will herd their unruly crew of actors, swimmers, and ne’er-do- wells on- and off-stage at the Globe Theater Water Park and Renaissance Festival while trying to do justice to the great Bard’s work.

Show dates and times:

Druid Hill Park Pool
800 Wyman Park Dr Baltimore, MD 21211
Saturday, July 29 at 5pm and 7pm
Sunday, July 30 at 5 pm and 7 pm

Patterson Park Pool
148 S. Linwood Ave Baltimore, MD 21224
Friday, August 4 at 9 pm [night show with lights]
Saturday, August 5 at 7 pm and 9 pm [night show with lights]
Sunday, August 6 at 5pm and 7 pm

Tickets are $10 for all shows except July 29 5 pm [special $5 show] available on MissionTix.

HydroPrismEchoChamber: Fluid Movement at Light City


We’re excited about the premier of ‪#‎HydroPrismEcho‬[Chamber], a 15-minute dance piece at Light City Baltimore’s “Light Up the Night! Stage” outside the Harbor Amphitheater, near the corner of Light and Pratt Streets.

Fluid Movement will perform on Tuesday March 29th at 7:30, 8:30, and 10:30 pm and Saturday April 2 at 8:00 and 10:00 pm.

This is a performance of epic proportions! HydroPrismEcho[Chamber] celebrates McKeldin Fountain, soon to be a part of Baltimore’s past. McKeldin witnessed the history unfolding around it for 33 years. Our piece celebrates the life and times of McKeldin Fountain—specifically as it relates to the notion of work—through period music, costumes, and dance. Performers in the amphitheater—within sight of McKeldin Square—will pay homage to the Brutalist sculpture and the people who pass by daily on their way to and from work.

This is a performance of historic significance! HydroPrismEcho[Chamber] is the very first, all-female-identified cast. (A few men are holding props).

We are Fluid Movement, and so are you!

As part of HydroPrismEcho[Chamber], we asked the audience to shine their Fluid Movement flashlights along with our dancers. Look for yourselves in these videos, being part of a Fluid Movement production!

FM wins at WPA SynchroSwim 2015

FM wins at WPA SynchroSwim 2015

Fluid Movement sent two teams, The Flyz from “Goldblum: The Water Ballet,” and a standalone scene, “Unbreakable Dance Party,” to the Washington Project for the Arts SynchroSwim 2015. The Flyz won the award for “Best Visual Spectacle.” Info and a few pictures from the event can be found here.

Fluid Movement Thanks You For A Spectacular 2015 Performance Season!

Fluid Movement Thanks You For A Spectacular 2015 Performance Season!

This year’s roller show and water ballet brought both sellout audiences and critical acclaim. You like us, you really like us!

On March 21-22 2015, Fluid Movement held its 8th Roller Show, “That’s BaltAmoré: A Fairy Tale on Wheels”, in a pop up theater space on Charles Street in Station North. The show was an overwhelming success, with five sellout shows in two days for a total audience of well over 600. This also marked Fluid Movement’s first partnership with the 29th Street Community Center Jump 4 Joy program, bringing 30 children to 2 shows for a prelude performance. See some great show press here: TheaterBloom.

On July 25-26 and August 1-2 2015, Fluid Movement held its 14th annual water ballet, “Goldblum: The Water Ballet,” and the show shattered all previous FM records. Not only was the show put on with our biggest cast (100 participants), every single show made audience records, with a total audience of almost 3500 over the entire run. City Paper named Fluid Movement “Best Water Ballet” in its Best of Baltimore 2015 special issue, marking the first time Fluid Movement has ever won a “Best of” award. Here’s more great show press:  http://www.whatweekly.com/2015/08/04/goldblum-water-ballet.

Goldblum: The Water Ballet

Goldblum: The Water Ballet

Performances July 25 & 26, and August 1 & 2

Join us this summer for “Goldblum: The Water Ballet”! Two weekends of performances at two of Baltimore’s beautiful public pools.

Patterson Park Pool         Druid Hill Park Pool
July 25 7 and 9 pm           Aug 1 5 pm [$5 show], 7pm
July 26 5 and 7 pm           Aug 2 5 and 7 pm

Goldblum: The Water Ballet is supported in part by the William G. Baker, Jr. Memorial Fund, creator of the Baker Artist Awards, www.bakerartistawards.com.

That’s BaltAmoré, A Fairytale on Wheels!

That’s BaltAmoré, A Fairytale on Wheels!

Fluid Movement’s Roller Skating Extravaganza

It’s a charming fractured fairytale on roller skates. To ensure pleasantness in the Land of Pleasant Living, a petulant princess protagonist must obey her father’s wishes and find a suitable mate. After a magical makeover, she is forced to choose from a motley cast of doltish dudes and lax bros. Will she find true love in time to save the kingdom? Is there a Prince for her, or… something more?

Intrigue! Fairies! Glitter! Song! Dance! Wheels!
All of this awaits you in the Charming Kingdom of BaltAmoré.

Why is Mike Rowe wearing a Speedo and… sequins?

Mike joins Fluid Movement on "Somebody's Gotta Do It,” Thursday May 7 at 9 pm on CNN


In his CNN Original Series, “Somebody’s Gotta Do It,” Mike Rowe introduces his viewers to people who perform unique jobs. Fluid Movement isn’t exactly a job, but we think we’re unique, especially when Mike dons a bathing suit and sequined cap and works through a scene from “Star Spangled Swimmer” with the cast of last summer’s smash hit water ballet.

See the results here.

SynchroSwim in Washington, DC

SynchroSwim in Washington, DC

Fluid Movement made an appearance at Washington Project for the Arts’ annual SynchroSwim performance art event on August 18, performing a version of the seamstresses scene from “Star Spangled Swimmer.” Even though SychroSwim isn’t really about competition, the FM’ers won Best Execution and Best Visual Spectacle for the routine which ends by floating the American flag the length of the pool.


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