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Alfred Hitchcock Presents: The Water Ballet


Tickets now on sale for Druid Hill Park Pool or Patterson Park Pool.
Individual and business sponsorship opportunities are here.

Star-Spangled Swimmer

Star-Spangled Swimmer

A War of 1812 Water Ballet

Ever wonder what makes Federal Hill so… Federal? Or why the flag at Fort McHenry has 15 stripes? Or what 80 people in the same pool swimming to the 1812 Overture looks like? Good! Because Fluid Movement wants to take you to summer school with “Star-Spangled Swimmer!: A War of 1812 Water Ballet.” Using our patented immersive technique, we will transport you back to a time when the colonies were newborns, Baltimore had dozens of independent newspapers, and it rained militiamen.

July 26 and 27, 2014 at Druid Hill Park and August 2 and 3, 2014 at Patterson Park

Rebel Teen From Outer Space!

Rebel Teen From Outer Space!

An Extraterrestrial Water Ballet Adventure

Druid Hill Park Pool
Saturday July 28, 5pm
Sunday July 29, 5pm & 7pm

Patterson Park Pool
Saturday August 4, 5pm & 7pm
Sunday August 5, 5pm & 7pm

Tickets $10, available at door and at http://www.brownpapertickets.com

Attending one of the July 29th shows at Druid Hill Park?
Take a look at these maps on where to park & how to get there. Take note:  Druid Hill has special Sunday traffic patterns.

Mobtown Murder Mystery!

Mobtown Murder Mystery!

The greatest water ballet thriller in many years!

The world’s first (and perhaps last) live film-noir inspired daytime synchronized swimming extravaganza!!

SHE is GAIL FORCE, a Girl Friday turned Ms. Saturday Night.
HE is SAM HOE, her dead boss’ ex-partner with NOTHING but good intentions.
And THEY gotta get their hands on one very dangerous DINGUS!
What’s a DINGUS, you say?  Well, they don’t know, either.  You’re just gonna have to show up to find out! But who has it?  Is it:

One very large FEZ-HEADED small-time boss with a penchant for perspiration and parlay?
One ETHNIC KINGPIN who’s cornered the cookie racket 30 yards off PIER 6?
Or your guest celebrity host who bears a striking resemblance to MANDELIT DEL BARCO?

Watch the trailer!

Add lots of water, beautiful dames and rugged mugs, and a brace of floaties, and you get the picture.  Baltimore may never be the same after

Fluid Movement presents
Mobtown Murder Mystery!

Saturday July 23, 3pm & 5pm
Sunday July 24, 5pm & 7pm
At Druid Hill Park Pool

Saturday July 30, 6pm benefit show, $20
Sunday July 31, 5pm & 7pm
At Patterson Park Pool

STRANGE CUSTOMS: The Flurry Family Odyssey

STRANGE CUSTOMS: The Flurry Family Odyssey

Water Ballet 2009

Fluid Movement’s 8th Annual Synchronized Swimming Extravaganza!

Forget that weekend getaway! 
Join Fluid Movement for a family vacation at the pool.

They’re back… and they’ve gone international!  Grab your money, tickets and passport and come fly the friendly skies as the Flurry’s embark on a hilarious, sometimes disastrous, and often surreal trip to exotic locales across the globe, told with Fluid Movement’s trademark swimming, dancing and glittery style!


Riverside Park Pool in Federal Hill (1800 Covington Street) 
Saturday and Sunday July 25 and 26, 2009 at 5:00 pm and 7:00 pm

Patterson Park Pool (South Linwood Avenue near Eastern Avenue)* 
Sunday August 2, 2009 at 5:00 pm and 7:00 pm

* Fluid Movement’s 10th Anniversary Benefit Gala Pool Party follows the show on Saturday August 1, 2009 at 5:30 pm at Patterson Park Pool.  Tickets are $30.00 for adults; tickets for children 10 and under are $10.00 (these prices are for both the benefit gala pool party/show only).

regular tickets are $10.00, and all are available through http://www.brownpapertickets.com (keyword: Odyssey) or at the door an hour before each show.

Tickets are available now at brownpapertickets.com!




Mother Goosed: The Nurseryland Campaign Tales

Water Ballet 2008

President Humpty sat on a wall
President Humpty had a great fall
Will the voters of Nurseryland put him back together?

Come see the colorful citizens of Nurseryland swim and entertain in this politically charged water ballet extravaganza!

Mother Goosed at Riverside Park!
July 26th & 27th, 2008

Mother Goosed at Patterson Park!
August 2nd & 3rd, 2008

War and Fleas

War and Fleas

Water Ballet 2007

Tolstoy’s classic novel presented in a glorious water ballet spectacle of Canine Courage and Squirrely Subterfuge! Behold the Politics of the Dog Park as you’ve never seen it before!

It’s A Wonderful Species!

It’s A Wonderful Species!

Water Ballet 2006

Featuring a cast of over 70 of your friends and neighbors, “It’s a Wonderful Species” follows Charles Darwin’s tortured plight to publish his theory of evolution. Will the church give him the boot? Will the scientific community give him the opposable thumbs up? With everything to lose, including his mind, Darwin recounts his theories with the help of a curiously hairy but somewhat evolved literary agent. Of course, all of this is performed in Fluid Movement’s trademark swimming, dancing, glittery style!

Postcards from the Deep End: The Flurry Family Vacation

Postcards from the Deep End: The Flurry Family Vacation

Water Ballet 2005

Follow Baltimore’s Flurry Family’s disastrous summer car trip to Vegas!  Forced to spend hours in a car together, the family embarks on a sometimes hilarious, sometimes disturbing and often surreal trip down memory lane…recounting some of their personal favorite summer vacations- all told with Fluid Movement’s trademark swimming, dancing, glittery style!

Cirque L’Amour

Cirque L’Amour

Water Ballet 2001

Cirque De L’Amour tells the tale of Frenchie the wistful clown, who finds herself dreaming of the glamorous life - away from the tired, grumpy clowns. Frenchie’s dream of glamour comes true as she saves Guy de Lyon when his lion-taming act runs amok.


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