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Fluid Movement is a Baltimore-based performance art group that juxtaposes complex subject matter with delightful and unexpected mediums. We create art that is accessible, and often educational, for audiences of all ages and backgrounds. Our performances are created for urban spaces, in Baltimore and beyond. We encourage a sincere understanding and appreciation for city life and city dwellers through our work.


PRIDE Parade


Fluid Movement is walking in the 2019 Baltimore City Pride Parade! The Parade will take place on Saturday, June 15th from 12 - 3 PM. The theme this year is “United We Shine,” which is “representative of transforming fears into empowerment and embracing community to fight for justice and dignity.” So let’s come out in our best all-American looks as well as traditional rainbow garb or anything that expresses your Prideful identity, ready to strut our stuff as representatives or allies for all our LGBTQA+ brothers, sisters, and non-gender conforming peoples!

Visit baltimorepride.org for details about the parade.

Fluid Movement: The Water Ballet


Ever wonder what happens when synchronized swimming and water ballet merge with passionate community performers? Find out with this summer’s variety show and celebrate our 20th anniversary. Be dazzled by the drama, comedy, choreography, and costumes that give rise to joyous spectacles in our city’s public pools! Not to be missed for long-time fans and newcomers alike: the finale features a retrospective of previous shows.

Tickets on sale soon!