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News About Fluid Movement

City Paper
2015 Best of Baltimore “Best Water Ballet”

Baltimore Sun
Fluid Movement offers insights into community-building at Neighborhood Institute

Walker Art blog
And You Thought Synchronized Swimming Was Only An Olympic Sport

Annual Report
Download the 2016 Fluid Movement Annual Report in PDF format

HydroPrismEchoChamber: Fluid Movement at Light City

Baltimore Magazine
Light City To Feature 29 Works of Light Art, Concerts, and Performances

Will McKeldin Fountain be Light City’s Eyesore?
Demolition of McKeldin Fountain, a public work of art at the center of Baltimore’s newest public art festival, seems like a bad idea

Baltimore Brew
One last watered-down hurrah for the McKeldin Fountain
Dancers will pay homage to the Inner Harbor water feature, but not the way they originally intended

FM wins at WPA SynchroSwim 2015

Washington Project for the Arts
Sychroswim 2015

Goldblum: The Water Ballet

What Weekly
What Weekly Reviews Goldblum: The Water Ballet
Bmore Art
Fluid Movement Presents “Goldblum: The Water Ballet”
Fluid Movement Producer Barbara Wilgus Takes The Gertrude Stein Questionnaire

SynchroSwim in Washington, DC

Washington Post
Synchroswim at Capitol Skyline Hotel brings wacky water peformances to D.C.

Brightest Young Things
SynchroSwim in Washington, DC

Star-Spangled Swimmer

Baltimore Sun
Fluid Movement water ballet gives new meaning to phrase “different strokes”

Shea Magazine
A Water Ballet Tribute to the War of 1812 – Only in Baltimore

Synchronized swimmers to perform Star-Spangled show [w/video]

Star Spangled Swimmer in 2 ½ Minutes

Mobtown Murder Mystery!

Baltimore Sun
Fluid Movement’s floating film noir

STRANGE CUSTOMS: The Flurry Family Odyssey

Read all about the show and our 10th anniversary over at the baltimore sun!

War and Fleas

Baltimore Sun
“Add pooches and a pool for ballet that’s off the deep end”

Baltimore Examiner
Tolstoy updated in “War and Fleas”

The Baltimore Guide
Mutts and Metaphor: Water Ballet tackles Tolstoy, dog parks

It’s A Wonderful Species!

City Paper
Fluid Movement: It’s a Wonderful Species

Earth, Wind and the Baltimore Fire

Washington Post
Campy Keepers of the Flame

Cirque L’Amour

Peek Review
Cirque De L’Amour

Cleopatra, Life on the Nile

NPR Interview